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I recently attended the Professional Photographers of America annual convention Imaging USA in Nashville, TN. I joined the Copyright Alliance booth to provide open “office hours” where attendees could stop by and ask legal questions. Of course, there were many photographers with the same, or similar, questions! Here’s what the top five questions included:

  1. “How do I get a copyright for my photographs?”
  2. “What are some ways I can protect my digital photographs that are distributed on the internet?”
  3. “What is a small claims court for copyright?”
  4. “I found someone infringing my photographs and they’re based outside of the United States. What can I do?”
  5. “Can I copyright my photography company’s logo?”

I compiled some answers to each of these questions over on the Copyright Alliance blog, so check it out! If you have any questions of your own (remember, nothing specific and only educational!), drop them in the comments below!

Image Credit: Copyright Alliance (via Instagram)

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