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You get something and I get something…. thank you! If you aren’t interested in a straight-forward donation or purchase option, you can utilize the referral programs that I joined and included links to below. There is a financial benefit for me if you make a purchase, and, in many cases, you have a benefit, too! – I’ve pulled together a list of recommended products as part of the Amazon Affiliates Influencer program. If you make a purchase, I get a commission! It’s simple.

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TubeBuddyUse this link to sign-up for TubeBuddy! TubeBuddy is an awesome YouTube channel management software suite that offers both a free browser plug-in for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well as a membership offering premium tools to increase productivity, video processing, video SEO, promotion, and powerful data insights. I’m a subscriber and highly recommend this for anyone looking to get serious about YouTube channel growth!

Social Pilot – In December 2017, I won a free annual membership to Social Pilot, which is a social media scheduling, marketing and analytics tool. There are many of them available, but I am thankful to Social Pilot for the free annual membership, so I’ve joined their referral program where I can get a commission if you decide to purchase a membership. Use this link to sign-up.