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Hello, welcome to Frankly Legal – legal education for internet creators. I’m Franklin.

I am passionate about helping internet creators become better educated on key legal issues that impact their digital business. Education is vital to understanding how the business and legal affairs of being an internet creator! Let’s get started…

The content is geared towards a variety of internet creators, including podcasters, YouTubers, social influencers, self-published authors, bloggers, photographers/videographers, and more. Basically… if you create digital content, then you’ll find some awesome resources to support your passion. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Articles providing a breakdown of complex legal issues
  • Videos making it fun and easy to learn about recent news developments
  • Contribute to the conversation and ask about your own hypothetical situations as you continue to grow and learn about laws

This site is a passion project and I hope to continue work on its growth over the coming year! Hang tight and thanks for the support!