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As first widely reported by TMZ, Disney and others are facing a new lawsuit that claims the massive hit “Let It Go”, from the 2013 film Frozen, is stolen, in part, from a song originally released in 2008 by Chilean-born songwriter and producer Jaime Ciero.

In the complaint, filed on Thanksgiving Day in California, Ciero alleges his Spanish-language song “Volar” was ripped off by both Disney and the hit song’s husband-and-wife duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Additionally, the song’s two most well-known performers Indina Menzel, who is featured on the original film version of “Let It Go”, and Demi Lovato, brought on for a more radio-friendly pop version of the song, are directly named in the lawsuit.

“Let It Go” became a cultural phenomenon throughout 2014, resulting in countless YouTuber cover artists and parodists releasing their own interpretations of the record to amass nearly half-a-billion views on YouTube by March 2014 alone. The Menzel version of”Let It Go” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 5, 2014, where it spent 33 weeks on the chart, at one point reaching the #5 spot.

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